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  • Chris Murphy

The car market - Warts and All

I am really thinking about keeping my blog updated on a regular basis, i would like to tell you more about what i do on a day to day basis, the discussions i have, meetings i go to, cars i inspect. Would anybody be interested in reading about it? 90% of the cars that i get offered or discuss with clients never make it to the website.

For example, this week, i have inspected 3 Carrera GT's because one of our clients in Monaco was interested in purchasing one, but none of them worked, partly because of condition and history but also because of price. It is not unusual for me to run around like that without reward, but on my travels, while visiting or inspecting the Carrera GT's, other cars and potential deals have come up. My question is, would you like to hear about the trials and tribulations?

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