Fifteen years ago, Chris Murphy started The Carfinders International, specialising in rare, bespoke and magnificent cars. Those fifteen years have been a journey of exploration and discovery which has fuelled Chris’ passion and educated him in the joys, and the pitfalls, of the procurement and care of the very special.


Throughout those years we have acted as a curator for collectors around the world wishing to tweak their collections, mostly dealing with private sales between existing clients.


Chris began importing from the United States at a time when the UK demand was high. The very first sale was a 1960’s Mustang to a local Mancunian businessman. The Car Finders International developed by word of mouth and Chris learned the ropes; his growing experience taught him to understand his clients’ needs and navigate what can be a perilous trade of international, high value works of art and precision engineering.


The connections grew, and in 2010 Chris sold a Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang to an Asian collector which started his move into “hypercars”. After the sale of this super, limited edition Veyron, Chris decided to set up a base in the South of France, just outside Monaco, realising that was where many of his elite clients enjoyed their leisure. This move precipitated a growth in his network which proved invaluable.


In 2012, Chris moved to London where he remains with his young family. Now, with a mix of clients across the globe, from all sorts of backgrounds, including sportsmen, sovereigns and captains of industry, the business continues to grow. The success of the company relies heavily on the drive of Chris’ passion for cars and the impressive network of high net worth individuals throughout the World.


The Car Finders International continue to, deliver, customise, maintain, store and sell vehicles, and are able to assist with all aspects of luxury vehicle procurement and ownership.