Maserati MC12 for sale

The Maserati Mc12 is the iconic equivalent to the Ferrari Enzo the two cars sharing the same chassis and drivetrain.

The MC12, is the Ferrari Enzo’s larger brother, it is longer, wider and taller than the Ferrari Enzo, but had a much more limited run of only 50 cars versus the Enzo’s 499. The Mc12 was built to celebrate Maserati’s return to racing. All 50 cars were pre sold to customers at a cost of €600,000 Euro when new.

We are pleased to be able to offer a magnificent Maserati MC12 for sale, this car is one of the 50 cars delivered and has covered 9200km’s. The car has had two owners and registered in Europe with all taxes paid.

With the Enzo prices continuing to increase with the announcement of the LaFerrari, the MC12 prices have also remained high with cars advertised in excess of €1M Euro.

The Mc12 for sale that we can offer can be viewed on appointment only and is based in Southern Europe. The cost of the car is €700,000