New Koenigsegg Agera for sale

We are pleased to have a wonderful Koenigsegg Agera for sale, the car is a brand new car finished in sparkling topaz silver with blue striping, this car is stunning. For more information read the details below about the Agera, if you know enough contact us now or email Chris directly at

The Agera has been designed to take the Koenigsegg experience to a new level and set new benchmarks for hypercars with reagards to handling, speed, comfort, practicality and sheer driving experience. The Agera’s design process has been moulded around achieving the highest possible performance whilst maintaining incredible levels of luxury. The Agera has been designed with a minimalistic style. The result of this is that the design is purely functional . The features of the bodywork exist  for added safety, ergonomics, practicality or aerodynamics. One of the major differences between the Agera and other hyper cars is that the engine used is made in-house. This engine is the lightest and most compact hypercar engine in the world.. The engine also produces class leading power and torque results with 940BHP and over 1000Nm respectively. The carbon fibre monocoque chassis is also incredibly light and designed to be astonishingly stiff even when the roof is removed.  All of this weight saving amounts to a dry weight of just 1330kg – the lightest fully homologated hypercar currently in production.

The interior of the car is like no other car. Only the finest materials are used from carbon fibre to precious metals to alcantara. The finish is superb and utterly bespoke. The dash also incorporates  a touch screen infotainment system with satellite navigation. The levels of technology and luxury in a car with such a focus on performance  are staggering.

The Agera is clearly a pioneer with regards to hypercar technology.  Koenigsegg have added an intelligent battery to their list of production car firsts. Technology within the battery system makes sure that the battery cannot drain to an empty state like an ordinary battery. The car can be left for months and the battery will still have enough charge to start the engine.

The car we have for sale is brand new with delivery mileage and can be purchased today!