Right hand drive Ferrari F50 Ex-Sultan of Brunei

One of only 2 Right Hand Drive Factory built Ferrari F50′s in existance. A great piece for any Ferrari collector.

The F50 was the response to the technological challenge of producing a street car with all the characteristics of an F1 racer. Thanks to the research made possible by Ferrari’s vast experience in this field, producing over 45 racing models and over 120 GT and Sports models, the F50 was built to the same tolerances and with the same integrity as a Formula 1 car. The carbon-fibre monocoque that encloses an aeronautical rubber fuel tank, the V12 engine that acted as a load-bearing structure for the transaxle-rear suspension assembly, the pushrod suspension, and separate hand-braking system are formed on the basic principles of a racing car projected into the dimension of normal, safe use in all situations.

The result was a car with a specific power output of 109 HP/litre and an extraordinary chassis built entirely from composite materials such as carbon fibre, Kevlar and Nomex honeycomb weighing only 225 lbs and offering a torsional rigidity of 25,677 lbs-ft. This produced a car that resulted in unbeatable performance with exact handling and ultimate safety even in unexpected or extraordinary circumstances. Powered by a naturally aspirated 4.7 litre narrow V12 with aluminium alloy block with Nikasil-coated liners and dry sump lubrication, this Formula 1 inspired engine produces a maximum of 513 bhp @ 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 347 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm. The engine was derived from the naturally aspirated F1 3.5 litre V12 that Ferrari designed in 1989. Mated to this awesome powerplant is a short throw 6-speed longitudinal Ferrari gearbox constructed of Magnesium alloy.

To reign in this performance the F50 offers the braking of a racing car with a system designed in co-operation with Brembo. The braking system was sized so that it would not need servo-assistance or ABS in order to give a more responsive feel. Further F1 links include the rear Titanium hubs, which incorporate a Ferrari Formula 1 patent.

The performance from this F1 inspired road rocket makes incredible reading – the 0-60 mph dash takes 3.7 seconds and hits a maximum of 202mph. Handling is limpet like with the spring/damper units pushrod operated and inboard mounted, and as a result the F50 is well balanced with agility, poise and detailed feedback that allows the driver to push the car to its limit.A total of only 349 examples of the F50 were produced and we are proud to present an extremely rare pininfarina factory built, right hand drive car.

This F50 was produced in 1996 for the Sultan of Brunei and has covered less than 5000 miles from new. The car has been built to full EU type approval specification and is in near concours condition. Recently fitted with a Navtrak alarm and tracker, the car is presented with owners manual, service records and a current MoT. Arguably one of the rarest and greatest of road cars Ferrari has produced it will make a fine centre-piece to any Ferrari collection.

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