The Porsche 918 Spyder

Posted on October 13, 2011

Last month I was invited to Stuttgart, to visit the Porsche headquarters on a very rare insight into the workings of one of the automotive superpowers. The reason for my visit was one which, I can honestly say, I didn’t deserve, it was for a private viewing of Porsche’s hypercar the 918 Spyder, for potential clients…. I do not fall into that category, but thankfully, our customer who was unable to make it and sent me along, did!

Initially I was sent an invitation pack, with the bare bones of information on the car, but more intriguingly a carbon fibre card, seemingly giving the named, entry to the rarely seen R&D Department in Stuttgart.

A week or so later I was contacted by Porsche to book my flights and off we went, we were treated incredibly well as you would expect, for customers of the 670,000 GBP plus HyperCar, we were greated with goodies upon arrival at the hotel including 918 Spyder inscribed chocolates and merchandise.

In the morning, the group, including a number of well known collectors (F50, F40’s Carrera GT’s galore!) were met post breakfast and taken to the R&D centre where we were stripped of all camera’s and split into groups.
We were shown the full R&D centre, the development of the 918 Spyder including the interior, scale model of the car and the NEW 911 which at the time had not been mentioned or leaked anywhere. Quite a treat!
Porsche then decided to take us on the test track with numerous models including the GT2RS, the GT3RS, the GT3 4.0, Panamera Turbo (so much beter than expected!) and a couple of Carrera GTS’s. Porsche had laid on professional drivers to thrash us round the track which was superb fun! We were then given a blast in the
Electric Boxter, which has incredible torque.
Anyway, back to the 918, after talking to the design team we were shown around the car and given the figures on the car. The car surpassed all my expectations in terms of looks, the design team have done a truly great job. The car that we saw was the final production design which differs slightly from the prototype car in that the exhausts pipes have moved from the side of the car to on top of the car, directly behind the driver.
The car itself, obviously is still very much in development, but Porsche are very much expecting the engine to be a V8 producing around 550bhp, which is then topped up by the batteries, which should produce around 200bhp. The batteries will be used as more of a Turbo boost, then anything else, particularly around the track, but can also provide around town after a full charge.
The limited numbers of cars being built and the strength of the Porsche brand and history, will guarentee the success of the 918 Spyder, but the price will delay the sell out point, but if your worried about missing it, we have a confirmed order for sale. We will also have one of the very limited 911 Turbo S 918 Spyder Edition 911’s for sale soon, please contact us for more information.
Please find some pictures below of the car and my trip to Germany to the factory.

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