The McLaren P1

Posted on September 22, 2012

Mclaren has released the first official pictures of its upcoming F1-succesor, the P1. Billed as a design-study, the model previews the look of the production version which will go on-sale early in 2014.

The model’s focus will not however, be on producing Veyron-beating performance figures, instead the aim is “Not to be best in top speed, but to make the quickest, most rewarding series production car on a track” according to McLaren Automotive Managing Director, Anthony Sheriff.

Looks wise, the model draws influences from the rakish silhouette and sculptured flanks of the MP4-12C as hinted in a teaser image revealed by the firm earlier this month.

Mechanically, many of the details surrounding the car remain unrevealed; sources suggest that under the bonnet, the V8 unit from the MP4-12C is likely to feature and will be tuned to develop around 800hp with the addition of KERS increasing it to 1,000bhp.

Aluminium pushrod suspension is almost certain, along with hydraulic anti-roll control, adaptive dampers and a five-stage traction control system. Carbon-ceramic brakes will ensure outstanding stopping ability, essential as a 239mph top-speed is mooted.

Inside, the model will ditch the famous three-seat ‘arrow’ arrangement of the F1 in favour of  a more conventional two-seat layout, while a driver-focused centre console, like that of the 12C will dominate the cabin.

With only 500 models being built and McLaren being very selective about who gets a car, most cars are likely to sell out quickly. The deposit is between £80,000 and £150,000 depending on which dealer you speak to and that will be increased once you have decided how your car will be finished off.

A price tag of £800,000 isn’t likely to worry potential customers of what promises to be a hallowed, history-making model.

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by Eliott Farr

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