The Bugatti Galibier finally on its way?

Posted on May 6, 2012
Our friends at Cars UK have spoken about the ‘New’ Bugatti Galibier. As an old teaser has been re-released by Bugatti on to the web, rumours are flying around the internet that the car is finally on its way.
Actually,we were privileged (having sold a few Veyron’s) to be taken to Dubai to a private launch of the Galibier at a beautiful hotel in Dubai, the event was shrouded in secrecy and phones were taken from us, but we sat, amongst Sheikh’s and Oligarch’s ogling the cars utter opulence. The materials used on the car, the design of the car, the watch that sat in the dashboard and was unclipped to sit on your wrist, were all very impressive. Back then, we were told the car would be built but we wouldn’t see it for a few years, which seems to be the case. I suspect as Cars UK do, the car is coming, but when, is anyone’s guess. Bugatti are not taking deposits on the car at the moment, but with the Veyron production nearing an end, despite the ever increasing number of limited editions being produced, it surely can not be far away…
Bugatti Galibier Hybrid The Bugatti Galibier finally on its way?Here is what Cars UK had to say…Is the Bugatti Galibier going to make it in to production? Of course it is. Is the Bugatti Veyron going to disappear to make way for the Galibier? Of course not.

They are the two questions the Interwebs are asking this week after Bugatti published a ‘New’ video of the Galibier on their YouTube channel.Trouble is, it’s not a new video – it’s getting on for three years old.

Cars UK published the very same video of the Bugatti Galibier back in November 2009, so it looks like the reason the Interwebs think this video is new is because Bugatti has just discovered YouTube and has nothing much new to publish.

But it does bring back in to focus the question of what’s happening with the Galibier?

Officially, Bugatti still call the Galibier a concept and say that Veyron production will end in the next twelve months. Probably. But can you see VW allowing Bugatti to hibernate whilst it decides which route to take? No, of course not.

So expect to see the production version of the Galibier arrive by the end of 2012 and go on sale in 2013. You can also expect to see a concept of the Veyron’s replacement arrive in 2013 as Bugatti move to a two car range.

And there’s a better than decent chance we’ll also see a mega saloon Bugatti – a modern Bugatti Royale – come out of the woodwork in the next two years.

And hopefully Bugatti will find something new to put on YouTube now they’ve worked out how to upload videos.

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