Porsche Cayenne V8 Diesel

Posted on October 6, 2012


The world’s sportiest SUV, the Porsche Cayenne is now a sensible one too, thanks to the addition of a new V8 diesel-powered Cayenne S.

Under the bonnet of the new car is a version of Audi’s acclaimed 4.2-litre diesel engine from the A8 with twin variable vane turbochargers and high-tech piezo valve guided common rail injection technology.

Boasting a huge 377bhp and 626lb ft; the model has its closest rival, the 357bhp BMW X6 M50d, licked in terms of output and stands head and shoulders above the 237bhp strong-selling single turbocharged 3.0-ltire V6 diesel engine under the hood of the outstanding Cayenne Diesel.

All this power  pays dividends for performance, with the Porsche posting impressive performance figures; the benchmark 0-62mph sprint takes a mere 5.7 seconds and the car is capable of a 157mph top-speed.

Performance has not come at the expense of economy however, with the model claiming 34.0mpg on the combined cycle while CO2 emissions are impressively low at 218g/km thanks to eco tweaks and the inclusion of stop and start.

Porsche claims that the model has been engineered to feature an exhaust note similar to that of a petrol V8, meaning that this is one car that really does allow you to have your cake and eat it. How will it compare to the new Range Rover 4.4 we wonder….

First customer cars are expected to be delivered in January, we currently have one of the very first Cayenne V8-Diesels available for delivery in January and built to your spec, if you wish to express an interest in purchasing this, or any of one of our existing models, please  contact us here.

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