McLaren P1’s for sale?

Posted on August 5, 2013

The McLaren P1 is the ultimate in technology and design by the UK based Supercar manufacturer. The goal was clear said McLaren COO Mike Flewitt.

‘Build the best driving car the world has ever seen’

Simple, I hear you cry. McLaren opened their doors to us a few months ago to show us the production version of the McLaren P1 and while a number of our clients have committed to purchasing P1’s, more people have chased the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Which one would I choose? Well that is a difficult question, I think both cars are going to be huge for the respective companies over the next decade and I am sure Ferrari are happier with their sales than McLaren are with theirs. Reportedly all LaFerrari’s are sold and only by paying a huge premium will you get one, even then if Ferrari get wind of you selling your car on, it could be taken from you. I haven’t found any truth in rumours that Ferrari are making clients sign contracts that they wont sell their car on, but I am sure you wont be on anyone’s Christmas card list if it turns up on the internet.

McLaren however, despite suggesting to close the order book after Geneva 2013 continue to plug sales with a recent to of the Far East and America to try and finalise numbers, which are limited to 375 examples. The production of the P1 is well under way with a handful of clients cars currently in production and expecting delivery before September. Where those cars end up is anyone’s guess, but the serious investors in McLaren are expected to be looked after first.

On that note we heard a very interesting story regarding the Aston Martin flagship car the One-77, it is believed that one of the large investors in Aston Martin, a very wealthy, Arabic head of state bought (or was given) as many as 20 One-77’s to settle an outstanding debt. Obviously that quickly took Aston’s order book up to 77 after rumours of a struggle once they reached around 50 sales, but also fits the rumours of an arab client ordering upwards of 10 cars. I am going to do a little bit more research on this, but my friends at Alain Class who have sold more One-77’s than anyone could wish to have already backed it up.

Back to the McLaren’s, the P1 has a list price of €896,638 plus local taxes with most of the options for the car being No Cost Options (NCO’s). These NCO’s include various ‘visible carbon fibre’ options and Paladium bumpers and rear wings.

will undoubtedly be one of the best cars on the road and if the McLaren F1 has any bearing, it may while take some time for people to appreciate its assets, but it is destined to double in value over time, but what that time period is, is anyone guess at the moment.

If you are interested in purchasing a McLaren P1 please get in contact as we can offer a build slot for delivery in 2013.



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