Limited Edition Aston Martin V12 Roadster

Posted on July 16, 2012

The highly anticipated, much expected Aston Martin V12 roadster was recently confirmed by Aston Martin and will, we are told be a limited edition run of around 100 unit’s. However, the V12 coupe was also supposed to be a limited run, but ended up being available, to meet customer demands, i would have been a little bit annoyed had i ordered a limited edition car, only to increase the production numbers.

We suspect that the V12, which produces 510 bhp from its 6.0L V12 will have more like 500 cars worldwide, especially as one UK dealer, we spoke to has taken 4 deposits for the £152,000 plus pocket rocket. Even if we take that 4 orders with a pinch of salt and assume it is above average, the other 130 something dealers around the world would all get less than one car each.

Obviously the V12, the same as in the new Vanquish, will make a beautiful sound and should achieve a 0-60 mph in around 4.2 seconds and will look great on the road, as Alex Penfold or Munch 997 as he is better known, found out. Click the link below to view his video

We have found out, however that the car has been driven around by an Aston Martin board member for the last 9 months badged as a V8 amid testing, those sneaky little….

For more details on the car, or to place and order, please contact us here.

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