Lamborghini LP720-4 50th Anniversary edition

Posted on April 29, 2013

Lamborghini are really milking the 50th Anniversary which falls this year, with huge plans for gathering’s and event’s around the world celebrating the milestone and then limited edition versions of their fleet.

The 50th Anniversary plans include a rally of cars around Italy finishing at the home of Lamborghini as well as themed events at Pebble Beach and Villa D’este Concours D’elegances.

The Gallardo anniversary edition was unveiled at Geneva earlier in the year along side the Lamborghini Veneno, the angular triplet. The Veneno is one of only 3 cars which have all found special homes, one alongside the Aventador J in South of Spain, the other two heading to the USA. We believe that at least one of the trio of owners is looking to sale his car, so if you have around €3,000,000 to spend on your next car, give us a call.

The Lamborghini LP720 was unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show earlier this month and will be limited to only 100 cars. As the name suggests the car now has 720hp from its 6.5V12 but that is a very small engine callibration from the original 700bhp. The main differences are on the exterior of the car, with the full colour range from the normal Aventador available, the car will feature a front air intake, a new front splitter and small front side flaps. The back of the car is completely new and features an enlarged diffuser and expansive meshwork. Aerodynamics are apparently 50% more efficient over the standard Lamborghini Aventador bodywork.

The car will only be available in left hand drive and deliveries will commence in late summer. The list price on the car will be around 338,000 without VAT and we can offer one of this very limited run for October delivery.




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