Ferrari F12 customisation work

Posted on July 30, 2013

Earlier this year we took delivery of  a new Ferrari F12 for a customer which was one of the first cars in the UK. When we delivered the car the customer was extremely pleased and excited to get the car so early.

Last month the customer called us up and had decided that he wanted to have a little bit of work done on the car, so after a couple of meetings, we decided what we wanted to do. Firstly he wanted some new gloss black wheels to compliment the white car and the interior, which was two tone red and black with racing seats. It is not unusual for our customers to change or modify their cars to make them more unique or just to stand out a little bit, but we knew this car was going to take it a little bit further.

The client was taking the F12 to the south of France for a summer holiday on Monday so he gave the car to me on the Wednesday before to get cracking. I ordered the wheels and tyres through my friends at Projex UK who I have dealt with for the past 5 years, sadly they are victim of their own success, because they are so busy its difficult to get hold of them. I had ordered the wheels the week before and Matt had suggested that we have some custom badges made to go along with the theme on the car.

2013 07 26 13.08.38 Ferrari F12 customisation work

Ferrari F12 Custom Wheel Centre’s finished in gloss black to match the wheel with the Ferrari horse finished in red.


When I arrived at ProjexUK headquarters after a tedious drive littered with accidents and traffic, i was swiftly followed by another customer who arrived for some work on his car. This magnificent Lamborghini Aventador in a very rare colour arrived ready for a full DMC kit fitting.

2013 07 25 13.01.38 300x225 Ferrari F12 customisation work

The DMC kit can be supplied and fitted through us, we are really looking forward to seeing the DMC kit on this Lamborghini Aventador.

The next step on our Ferrari was to fit a red lip to the gloss black wheels, this isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I personally think it looks great. The good thing about this red wheel protectors on the Ferrari is that they clip on and can protect the wheel from small scratches or spacial awareness errors when in proximity to curbs…. We’ve all done it!

2013 07 26 16.28.58 300x225 Ferrari F12 customisation work

The client had decided that he wanted as little chrome on the car as possible, so we decided that we would rubber coat the badges and refit them to the car. The front badge was finished in red, so that it could still be seen against the lower black grill.

2013 07 26 15.32.14 225x300 Ferrari F12 customisation work

Custom made Ferrari F12 horse finished in Ferrari red.

The rear badges we finished in matt black to break up the huge space on the back of the Ferrari f12, what do you think? We also used the same procedure to the Pininfarina logo’s on the bottom of the doors of the F12.

2013 07 26 15.27.19 e1375206145328 300x256 Ferrari F12 customisation work


All in all we, and more importantly the customer were very happy with the work completed by Projex on the Ferrari F12 and look forward to seeing there future projects.


2013 07 27 08.23.59 300x225 Ferrari F12 customisation work


If you are interested in doing anything to your Ferrari or other Supercar, please feel free to get in touch for a free quotation and to discuss the endless possibilities. Alternatively if looking to buy or sell your supercar, please get in touch.

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