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Posted on December 21, 2010
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McLaren F1

When I set up Car Finders International in 2005, the plan was to import American cars, like Ford Mustangs and Hummer’s, however, after the first couple of sales and subesquent adverts, I noticed that the people who were looking for my services were the discerning clients without the time to look for themselves, so the business evolved. Now we have been running for 7 years, we have found are niche and our home in the SuperCar world.

The idea of our blog is to give you an insight into our daily dealings with the rich and famous, the exciting and sometimes challenging moments that come with supercar ownership, as well as a bit of news and maybe a little slander and scandle….

I think as a start I should probably talk about the McLaren F1, it seems to be a logical place to start for the Supercar enthusiast, it was THE lust after car of my youth along with the ’67 Shelby GT 500. We havent yet had the pleasure of selling one of the F1’s but we have been offered almost everyone that has come on the market in the last few years, and have watched the incredible rise in values, culmanating in the recent sale of a US car to Mexico for a $3,700,000 USD. The car in question was a lovely car, that had changed hands only 6 months before, for considerably less after a full McLaren service and colour change (inside).

With the launch of the new McLaren MP4-12C (we delivered our first McLaren MP4-12C in September, with a couple still to come) and the replacement for the F1 due in 2013, the future of McLaren is looking rosy, which is only going to help the euphoric McLaren F1 price rise. There are around 4 F1’s currently on the market from between $3M and $5.5M depending on who you speak to and which car your offered, compared to the sub $1mil they started at when launched.

We know 3 out of the 4  McLaren F1’s for sale at the moment, so if anyone is in the enviable position of being seriously in the market for a car, you should get in contact, or even if your not in the market, but are looking for some background info on a particular car we can help.

The picture showed above is an Uber-low mileage F1 which is sat in Japan in a (thankfully) unique brown colour.

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