Aston Martin Virage to finish already?

Posted on August 30, 2012

We are hearing from Aston Martin that the 2013 mild updates to the Virage will actually be upgrades to the DB9.

The DB9 will be upgraded to a specification slightly surpassing that of the current Virage and as we understand it, the Virage will cease production. But it’s only just started production, I hear you cry! Well, it was always thought that the DB9 and the Virage were too similar to coexist and that one would eventually die, but we all assumed it would be the older DB9, however we understand that it is the Virage which will stop.

We think this may well be due to the unpopularity of the Virage, with little over 1000 cars built so far. Given the choice, we guess more customers are going for the DB9 over the Virage, so Aston Martin are listening to their customers, seeing the DB9 as a stronger name than the Virage.

Back in 2004 the original DB9 was launched and back then it was deemed a little pointless, particularly by Top Gear, as the Vanquish ruled the road and the DB9 was seen as a poor man’s version, it seems amusing that now the Vanquish is back and the DB9 is seemingly still going strong.

In summary, the Vanquish is the new DBS and the DB9 is the new Virage, which was the new DB9…..Obviously!

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