Added by Chris Murphy - September 19, 2013
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McLaren P1’s for sale?

Added by Chris Murphy - August 05, 2013

The McLaren P1 is the ultimate in technology and design by the UK based Supercar manufacturer. The goal was clear said McLaren COO Mike Flewitt. ‘Build the best driving car the world has ever seen’ Simple, I hear you cry. McLaren opened their doors to us a few months ago to show us the production […]

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UK is Ferrari’s leading market in Europe

Added by Chris Murphy - August 02, 2013

Ferrari SPA have announced an increase in profits of 20% in the first 6 months of 2013, compared to the same period last year. The increase in profits is matched with a small increase of production, of about 80 cars, equivalent to around a 2.8% increase. The increase in production is thanks to a huge […]

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Ferrari F12 customisation work

Added by Chris Murphy - July 30, 2013

Earlier this year we took delivery of  a new Ferrari F12 for a customer which was one of the first cars in the UK. When we delivered the car the customer was extremely pleased and excited to get the car so early. Last month the customer called us up and had decided that he wanted […]

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Supercars Wanted

Added by Chris Murphy - May 28, 2013

The Car Finders specialise in sourcing rare, bespoke and magnificent cars for clients. At the moment we are looking for a number of cars for clients. We are looking for the following cars We would like to buy a European supplied Ford GT, ideally we would like an original Ford GT a sensible colour scheme, […]

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Lamborghini LP720-4 50th Anniversary edition

Added by Chris Murphy - April 29, 2013

Lamborghini are really milking the 50th Anniversary which falls this year, with huge plans for gathering’s and event’s around the world celebrating the milestone and then limited edition versions of their fleet. The 50th Anniversary plans include a rally of cars around Italy finishing at the home of Lamborghini as well as themed events at […]

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Ferrari Laferrari

Added by Chris Murphy - March 07, 2013

In typical Ferrari arrogance, Ferrari have the named their latest car Laferrari, if it didn’t look quite so impressive I would complain about the name! Ferrari and McLaren have obviously been leaking information to each other as the details of both the cars are extremely close and clearly highly comparative. LaFerrari has a normally aspirated V12 of […]

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McLaren P1 and factory visit.

Added by Chris Murphy - March 07, 2013

Back in December we were by a customer to go to the Mclaren factory to see the new McLaren P1 with him, as a potential buyer of the car. Obviously, a lot of the details of the car at that point were still, but the day included the ‘factory’ tour. The hype around the ‘factory’ […]

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The Ferrari F12

Added by Chris Murphy - October 12, 2012

Gorgeous, fast, desirable and practical are four adjectives that often disassociate when describing a car, in the case of Ferrari’s forthcoming F12 however, this is not the case. It sounds cliché, but when you first clap eyes on the F12, you really can feel your breath being taken away. Ferrari has vetoed the over-styling tendencies […]

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Porsche Cayenne V8 Diesel

Added by Chris Murphy - October 06, 2012

  The world’s sportiest SUV, the Porsche Cayenne is now a sensible one too, thanks to the addition of a new V8 diesel-powered Cayenne S. Under the bonnet of the new car is a version of Audi’s acclaimed 4.2-litre diesel engine from the A8 with twin variable vane turbochargers and high-tech piezo valve guided common […]

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